Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Did I Get Here?

Well, here I am. I always said that I couldn't foresee any reason for me to ever start a blog. But things change. God sometimes leads us in different directions from those that we were going in or even think we should be going. Those changes require us to be flexible and pliant to His will and to do things that we wouldn't do unless it was definitely Him nudging us in that direction. A prime example of that is this blog. I don't want to write a blog - but I feel I must write a blog. It may be that no one other than God will ever see this blog, so perhaps I will just write as if I am talking to Him. However, if you should stumble across my blog, and you must have done so or you wouldn't be reading this, I welcome you. I encourage you to stay a while and perhaps you can offer me some advice on how to make this a better and more appealing place to visit.

A few weeks ago I was a Christian, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sometime musician, and a person who works in an elementary school. Surely that was enough! I thought that my life was pretty much established with no monumental changes on the horizon. Then I decided to do something else that I always said I would never do because I couldn't see a need for it in my life - I joined the Facebook community. I joined because a writer whom I admire had made something available to her readers that was only accessible via Facebook.

What a change that one simple decision has made! Upon registering at Facebook, I immediately encountered a host of people requesting to be my friend. One particular friend (and you know who you are), knew of my love for books. This friend is heavily involved in the world of writing and all of its related areas and knows just about everybody in the business. She began pointing writers in my direction - writers whose books I had been reading for years with no thought that I would ever make any sort of personal connection with them.

As I began connecting with these writers, I also found my attention being drawn to numerous other blogs. These blogs are written by some outstanding ladies - kind, generous, and loving women. Some of them are writers and some of them are readers. Some of them are both writers and readers. Many of them read and review books and then share the books with their followers. They often interview authors and help the readers to get to know them better. Without exception, every single blog that I have begun to follow has one primary purpose. That purpose is to honor and glorify the Creator, the Savior, the Lord, the One who is above all. These ladies will most likely never know how much of an impact they have had on me. They stirred me, they challenged me, and they made me want to become more than what I am. They instilled in me a desire to do something more productive with my love for God and my service to Him.

The next thing I knew, a seed that had lain dormant within me for many years began to sprout. A seed that I thought had long since been dug out and thrown away with the chaff. With each new blog post that I read, that seed was watered and grew a bit taller and stronger. What was that seed? It was the seed to write, to begin to express myself once again with words instead of music. I will tell you more in another post.


  1. Jan - what a wonderful first start! I'm honored to say that I'm your first follower! I look forward to more of your posts.

  2. Thanks for your positive reinforcement, Marlayne! You are such a kind friend and I am happy that you are #1 - now if we can just get The Victor to be #1. I am going to start talking it up everywhere I go.

  3. Hello, I'm a friend of Marlayne and I'm glad to meet you.
    I too have a blog @

    Blissful Blogging!

  4. Thanks Annette - so glad to meet you too. I will stop by to visit you at your blog! Thanks for visiting at my blog-under-construction.

    Jan Marie

  5. Jan, great first post! You are certainly a writer and if God is calling you to write, you must write. It is not easy, but God doesn't say things will be easy--He says He will enable you and be with you!

    But I'm so proud to know you and am excited about your possibilities. You've already taken so many steps! Keep writing!

  6. Crystal, you never fail to say something to encourage and your feedback means so much to me because I think I know you well enough to know that you would not say anything that was insincere. Thank you for being my mentor, friend, and prayer partner. God is so good - He let me meet you!

  7. Jan - thank you so much for being a wonderful and encouraging friend to me.

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