Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Review

Fatal Loyalty by Sue Duffy

Sue Duffy has written a book laced with tension, excitement, and subterfuge.  Andie Ryborg is in danger because her father is running for governor of the state of Florida on a very strong anti-drug campaign and the drug lords are out to make certain that he is not elected.  Consequently, Andie's life has been threatened and she has been forced into hiding.  In spite of the fact that Andie has been assigned protection, she still senses that someone is watching her.  Her home is invaded and her privacy becomes non-existent.  For every move that Andie's father makes to ensure her safety, the members of the drug gang are right there to foil his efforts.

This is a very well written, generally fast-paced, and excitement-filled book.  There were, however, several sections in the book where it really seemed to drag and I found my attention wandering.  After a few pages, I would manage to get back into the story but there were times that I was sorely tempted to skip some pages.  I persevered and did not do that for fear that I would miss some important element in the story.  I later realized that I could easily have skimmed over some of those parts without losing a thing.   

There were some parts of the story that I felt were weak.   For example, the book kept emphasizing that Andie and other  characters should trust no one; yet when a character showed up on the scene with no one to vouch for her credibility, in no time at all Andie, her father, and her father's staff were trusting this person completely and implicitly.  It just seemed a bit too quick and easy for my acceptance factor, but other reviewers have not had a problem with this issue. 

 In spite of these minor flaws, I would still recommend this book for those who enjoy reading about drug abuse, dirty politicians, and God's omnipotence and mercy.   The message of redemption and forgiveness is strong and well-done and it is for this reason that I feel this book is a worthwhile read.

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