Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I't's Not Too Late ... Enter the Contest and Win a Book!

As most of you know, the ACFW annual conference is just a few short weeks away.  There is an ongoing contest/giveaway on this blog which remains open until August 31st.  This contest, for those of you who didn't see it on the earlier post, involves correctly identifying and matching book titles with their authors.  Since all of the authors included in the contest are ACFW members, this is a good opportunity for you to test your knowledge before you get to conference so you can show everyone how savvy you are.  

What we have here is a list of authors in one column and another column with a list of books written by these authors. Hint: All authors are members of ACFW. This list is not inclusive and if your favorite author's name does not appear, that is no reflection upon their ability or my opinion of their writing. Reality says that I have to limit the number of questions and I just randomly picked those who are shown. The only qualifier that I used in selecting was that they had to have had more than one book published or that would have been all too easy. Your job is to match the author with the book that he/she wrote. Ready? Here we go:

1. Brandilyn Collins
2. DiAnn Mills
3. Randy Ingermanson
4. Robin Lee Hatcher
5. Tracie Peterson
6. Deborah Raney
7. Margaret Daley
8. Kathi Macias
9. Harry Kraus
10. Janice Thompson
11. Colleen Coble
12. Lynette Eason

A. Leaving November
B. Controlling Interests
C. Duty to Die
D. Vanished
E. Abomination
F. Exposure
G. A Silent Fury
H. Perfect
I. Double Vision
J. The Forgiving Hour
K. Obsession
L. Footsteps

The name of the book that I am giving away is Havah. And now, for the bonus question ... who is the author of this book?

For those of you who submitted your comment on the earlier post, don't worry - those entries are still valid and, if eligible, will continue to be entered in the drawing.  You MUST be a follower of this blog in order to be eligible to win this book!  Therefore, there will be no extra chances for being a follower. 

This is not simply a "please enter my name" giveaway; comments that don't at least attempt to complete the quiz will be excluded.  Please make an effort to see how many of the authors you can match with their book titles. 

Entries that have all of the authors and books matched correctly, including the bonus question, will be entered for an extra chance to win.  Cheating by looking at their web sites is permissible.  Shhhh ... please don't ever tell any of the students at my school that I said it was OK to cheat! 

Remember to leave your email address - I cannot contact you if you don't leave an address and, if the winning entry does not include an email address, another winner will be chosen. To protect against spam, leave your address in the following format: soandso[at]here[dot]com.  Sorry, but entries from the United States only will be eligible for this giveaway.

Have fun!

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