Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A New Contest and Giveaway

I recently won a book from a wonderful Christian writer.  Somehow the publisher sent me an extra copy in error.  After consulting with the author, I have decided to share the wealth by making this book available as a giveaway for all of you lovely followers.  You MUST be a follower in order to be eligible to win this book!  Therefore, there will be no extra chances for being a follower. 

I cannot give a review of the book because I haven't yet had the opportunity to read it.  I will say, however, that I have been reading glowing and positive comments about it.

But ....

It isn't going to be that easy.  I need to get into "back-to-school" mode really soon.  Therefore, I have made up a multiple choice quiz for you to take so that I can get used to grading papers again.  Are you game?

What we have here is a list of authors in one column and  another column with a list of books written by these authors.  Hint:  All authors are members of ACFW.  This list is not inclusive and if your favorite author's name does not appear, that is no reflection upon their ability or my opinion of their writing.  Reality says that I have to limit the number of questions and I just randomly picked those who are shown.  The only qualifier that I used in selecting was that they had to have had more than one book published or that would have been all too easy.  Your job is to match the author with the book that he/she wrote.  Ready?  Here we go:

1.  Brandilyn Collins                        
2.  DiAnn Mills                             
3.  Randy Ingermanson                         
4.  Robin Lee Hatcher                      
5.  Tracie Peterson                                        
6.  Deborah Raney                             
7.  Margaret Daley                            
8.  Kathi Macias                                 
9.  Harry Kraus                                   
10. Janice Thompson                    
11. Colleen Coble                             
12. Lynette Eason

A.  Leaving November
B.  Controlling Interests
C.  Duty to Die
D.  Vanished
E.  Abomination
F.  Exposure
G.  A Silent Fury
H.  Perfect
I.  Double Vision
J.  The Forgiving Hour
K.  Obsession
L.  Footsteps

The name of the book that I am giving away is Havah.  And now, for the bonus question ... who is the author of this book?

This is not simply a "please enter my name" giveaway.  Please make an effort to see how many of the authors you can match with their book titles.  Entries that have all of the authors and books matched correctly, including the bonus question, will be entered for an extra chance to win.  Cheating by looking at their web sites is permissible.  Shhhh ... please don't ever tell any of the students at my school that I said it was OK to cheat!   Remember to leave your email address - I cannot contact you if you don't leave an address and, if the winning entry does not include an email address, another winner will be chosen.  To protect against spam, leave your address in the following format:  soandso[at]here[dot]com. 

Have fun!


  1. Well, I will give it a try:) I think I know most of them off-hand.
    1.Leaving November by Deborah Raney
    2.Controlloing Interests by Tracie Peterson
    3.Duty To Die by Janice Thompson
    4.Vanished by Margaret Daley
    5.Abomination by Colleen Coble
    6.Exposure by Brandilyn Collins
    7.A Silent Fury by Lynette Eason
    8.Perfect by Harry Kraus
    9.Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson
    10.The Forgiving Hour by Robin Lee Hatcher
    11.Obsession by Kathi Macias
    12.Footsteps by DiAnn Mills
    Wow! I knew most of them but I had to go look on 2 websites. I had two left that I didn't know who wrote them:) Thanks for the chance at winning this.
    Oh, and Havah is written by Tosca Lee:D

  2. Well, I will have to cheat a little, with the help of Amazon. :)
    1. Brandilyn Collins - Exposure
    2. DiAnn Mills - Footsteps
    3. Randy Ingermanson- Double vision
    4. Robin Lee Hatcher - The Forgiving Hour
    5. Tracie Peterson -Controlling Interests
    6. Deborah Raney -Leaving November
    7. Margaret Daley-Vanished
    8. Kathi Macias -Obsession
    9. Harry Kraus -Perfect
    10. Janice Thompson-Duty to Die
    11. Colleen Coble-Abomination
    12. Lynette Eason
    -A Silent Fury

    And Havah is written by Tosca Lee.


  3. Great job so far, ladies - thanks for your entries! I won't tell your "grades" yet so that your classmates won't be tempted to look at your answers. Of course, we all know that no one would even consider doing that, don't we? :)

    Just kidding, of course; this is all in fun and I hope that you will find it to be just that.

  4. 1. Brandilyn Collins = F. Exposure
    2. DiAnn Mills = B. Controlling Interests
    3. Randy Ingermanson = I. Double Vision
    4. Robin Lee Hatcher = J. The Forgiving Hour
    5. Tracie Peterson = B. Controlling Interests
    6. Deborah Raney = A. Leaving November
    7. Margaret Daley = D. Vanished
    8. Kathi Macias = K. Obsession
    9. Harry Kraus = H. Perfect
    10. Janice Thompson = C. Duty to Die
    11. Colleen Coble = E. Abomination
    12. Lynette Eason = G. A Silent Fury

    Tosca Lee = Havah

    Here's my confession = used Google to search for all the titles (BONUS = my reading list has expanded a BUNCH - this is a great group of writers I'd never heard of...Thanks)


  5. You're very welcome, Sheila! As I said, this is just a small fraction of the number of writers who are out there. If you are interested in learning more, you can go to and click on 'author list' in the left hand column. That link will take you to a list of names and also genre lists. It also gives the web sites for each author. That should keep you in reading material for a good while. :)

  6. Oh what fun!

    1.Leaving November - Deborah Raney
    2.Controlloing Interests - Tracie Peterson
    3.Duty To Die - Janice Thompson
    4.Vanished - Margaret Daley
    5.Abomination - Colleen Coble
    6.Exposure - Brandilyn Collins
    7.A Silent Fury - Lynette Eason
    8.Perfect - Harry Kraus
    9.Double Vision - Randy Ingermanson
    10.The Forgiving Hour - Robin Lee Hatcher
    11.Obsession - Kathi Macias
    12.Footsteps - DiAnn Mills

    Havah was written by Tosca Lee.

    Cindy W.


  7. First, Havah is written by Tosca Lee and I'd really love to read it!
    second -
    1. Leaving November by Deborah Raney
    2. Controlling Interests by Tracie Peterson
    3. Duty to Die by Janice Thompson
    4. Vanished by Margaret Daley
    5. Abomination by Colleen Coble
    6. Exposure by Brandilyn Collins
    7. A Silent Fury by Lynette Eason
    8. Perfect by Harry Kraus
    9. Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson
    10. The Forgiving Hour by Robin Lee Hatcher
    11. Obsession by Kathi Macias
    12.Footsteps by DiAnn Mills

    wow - I just found a LOT of new books to add to my wishlist :)

    sadiekate2001 at

  8. Sarah,

    Thanks for entering this contest - your name has been put in the drawing which will be held on Aug. 31st. Welcome to my blog!

    Jan Marie

  9. Havah was written by Tosca Lee...

    Here are my answers:

    1) Harry Kraus, Perfect
    2) Janice Thompson, Duty to Die
    3) Diann Mills, Footsteps
    4) Brandilyn Collins, Exposure
    5) Randy Ingermanson, Double Vision
    6) Robin Lee Hatcher, The Forgiving Hour
    7) Tracie Peterson, Controlling Interests
    8) Deb Raney, Leaving November
    9) Margaret Daley, Vanished
    10)Kathi Macais, Obsession
    11)Colleen Coble, Abomination
    12)Lynette Easton, A Silent Fury

    i'm a follower ;)
    i enjoyed taking this test :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  10. Karenk,

    Thanks for following my blog and for entering the contest - I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I have added your name to the drawing which will take place tomorrow - good luck!

    Jan Marie