Thursday, October 21, 2010

Book Review and Giveaway ... And the Beat Goes On by Tracy Krauss

At long last, here is the book review that I have been promising for about two weeks now.  Thanks for your patience as I feverishly try to catch up on so many things that have been piling up.  Did you ever have those times where you felt like you were behind on everything and, no matter which direction you turned, there was something else waiting on every side that should have been done a long time ago?  Well, I am going through one of those periods in my life and I have to say that I just don't like it.  The mental pressure of knowing that things are still pending that should have been done long ago is not a pleasant experience.

Enough about my problems; let us proceed to more pleasant topics.  

About the book:

If you enjoy a book with lots of intrigue, hidden agendas, mystery, deceit, betrayal, and a bit of romance thrown in for good measure, then you will enjoy And the Beat Goes On by Tracy Krauss. Tracy told me that the book is officially categorized as "Romantic Suspense"  but I felt that other elements of mystery and suspense were predominant and the romance was not the main element of the story.    

The book begins in an ancient time in the heart of Africa in the area that  is now known as Zimbabwe.  (See map below for location).  
Tracy certainly knows how to grab her reader and draws them in with her very first words.  In her prologue, she portrays the enactment of a pagan ritual in extremely vivid detail and such gruesome acts of violence and depravity are committed that I felt unclean after reading it and felt the need to purify my mind.

She immediately jumps from this scene to the present day where Canadian-born archaeologist Mark Graham has uncovered artifacts which are the remains of the ancient civilization and proof of the existence of the mythical race of the Nephilim.  His find is so startling and of such import to the scientific community that Mark is guaranteed a place in the annals of history for his discovery.  Unfortunately for him, his find also places him at odds with members of governments, political factions, and even his fellow scientists.  This discovery causes Mark and some of his crew to begin to rethink their stance on creation and other important Biblical events.

When Mark begins to document some of his data, the government of Zimbabwe steps in to take control of the site and suddenly Mark is not only desperately trying to salvage his research and his reputation, he is also fleeing for his life.  Who is it that could possibly be so threatened by Mark's discovery that they want him dead?  Who is it that will benefit from Mark's death?  Tracy keeps the reader guessing throughout the book as to the answer to these questions.  It is astonishing to discover the great lengths that scientists and politicians will go to in order to keep the Truth from being revealed.
Thus begins the chase and the race for Mark to reveal the results of his excavation before he is either arrested or killed.  Through it all, God is dealing with Mark and showing him the truth about the reality of God's word; Mark is slowly being drawn back to a place with God that he had left behind years ago. 

This book is a very well-written and suspense-filled tale and contains just enough factual material to make a plausible story; a story that will cause some people to think again about the various theories that are espoused in order to discredit the facts about the creation.  I was not aware until after reading And the Beat Goes On that it is a prequel to Play It Again. I did not feel that there was anything that I could not understand due to not having read the first book and this book can stand alone quite nicely.

About the author:

[laughing+-+Sept+2010.jpg]Tracy Krauss grew up in Saskatchewan and has been writing stories, plays, and novels for over twenty years.  She received her Bachelor of Education degree in Saskatoon and lives in British Colombia with her husband and four children.  In addition to being a writer, Tracy also teaches high school English, drama, and art.  To read more about Tracy, you can visit her at Expression Express.

Tracy has provided a signed copy of her book for a giveaway.  This is a book that I am very reluctant to part with so whoever is the lucky winner of the giveaway will be getting an excellent prize.  This is not just any book - it is a very nice hardback copy and will make a nice addition to your personal library.  For a chance to win Tracy's book, leave a comment along with your email address in this format: jdoe[at]younameit[dot]com.  For an extra chance to win, please let me know if you are a follower of my blog.  The giveaway will run until November 1, 2010. 

As stated, the book for this giveaway has been provided by the author. I am not responsible for the content or for any comments made by the author or publisher. Giveaways are void where prohibited and are limited to the United States only. Chances of winning are dependent upon the number of valid entries. At the conclusion of every contest, a random winner is drawn and will be notified, providing they have met the giveaway stipulations. If the winner does not respond within one week, a second drawing will be held.


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