Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review and giveaway of Mush by Clay Morgan Wilson IV

I am going to begin with my review of Mush by Clay Morgan Wilson IV.   The basic premise behind this book is initially quite intriguing.  Seventy year old Clay Morgan has been instructed by his doctor that, due to some vaguely described physical ailment, he cannot fly from his home to his youngest son's wedding.  His two older sons come up with the idea of renting an RV and making the three thousand mile trip to Washington, D.C. by way of the scenic and historic Route 66.   The agreement is that the boys will drive and Dad will entertain them by telling stories.  The only caveat is that they must keep him supplied with his favorite snack, which I will not reveal but will leave it to you to discover.  No snack, no stories.

The three men set forth on their journey and the remainder of the book is interlaced with both the stories that Clay Morgan tells as they travel and the true life adventures of their journey.  The stories that the senior Morgan tells are extremely humorous at times, filled with laugh-out-loud drama.  They also display the handiwork of God as He works in the lives of the characters in the stories. This is a book of love between parents and children, love between siblings, and, most importantly, love between God and His people.

I would have enjoyed this book much better had it not been riddled throughout with grammatical errors.  I realize that it is nearly impossible to catch every error when editing a book and always allow for some human error; however, the number of errors in this book was extreme to the point of being annoying.

Mush seemed almost anticlimactic in that partway through the trip the men discovered that they had dawdled too long and needed to hurry in order to reach their final destination in time for the wedding.   One minute we were in St. Louis and suddenly we are dropped in Washington with seemingly no time elapsed.   I say "we" because it truly seemed as if we were in the RV and traveling right along with Clay and his sons.  In this respect, the book was very well-written.

While this book has many good features to recommend it, the presence of the copious grammatical errors  prevents me from giving it a high rating.  I was not fully engaged in the story to the point that the 400 plus pages kept my undivided attention.  Rather, I found myself repeatedly checking to see how many more pages I had left to read.  If you are not overly disturbed by grammatical errors in a book, you will probably enjoy this book much more than I did.  Another factor that prevented me from enjoying it was the fact that there were numerous detailed discussions about bodily functions and their accompanying sounds.  Some people enjoy that type of humor; I don't.  I won't discount the value of the story simply because there were elements in it that were somewhat objectionable to me because I know that not everyone feels as strongly about these matters as I do.

About the author

Clay Morgan Wilson IV is a dentist, writer, and photographer.  His college major was initially journalism but he changed to psychology because journalism required too much writing.  Little did he know that psychology required even more!  He entered the pre-dental program at Texas Southern University and his earned his dental degree at Howard university, graduating in 1983.  His writing career began with the writing of a play for the singles group at the church he attended in Sacramento.

He is married to Linda White and has three sons, Clay V, Jonathan, and Sean.  The sons of Clay Morgan in the book are named after his own sons.  Clay has recently completed writing Mush II and is currently working on Mush III.  In addition to continuing his dental practice, he is also a photographer and has several other books in the works.  He recently earned a black belt in Martial Arts. 

What a busy man he must be! His resume makes me wonder when he has time to sleep and eat! 

You can purchase his book at Xulon Press Christian Bookstore.


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  1. I love road trip books and of course humor. Haven't heard of this book before. Thank you for the introduction.


  2. I wish I had more of my grandparents' stories written down for our family history! Sounds like a fun trip!

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  3. Please enter me!

  4. I would give this book a try...Grammatical errors do bother me. I like the idea of this book, and want to know what the snack is!


  5. Thanks, Maureen! When I began to write the review, at first I did tell what the snack was and then decided it would be better to let the reader learn that on their own. I'm glad you mentioned that; it helps me know I made the right choice.

    Jan Marie

  6. Sounds great...would love to read it!

  7. i am glad i found your blog and this review. i would like to win this book - it is a new author and the book sounds intriquing. i am starting to blog about books, and love the idea of having to read the book to find out what the snack is. mitzi_wanham[at]yahoo[dot]com

  8. I've never heard of this book, but it looks interesting! Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. Sounds like an interesting book,grammatical errors don't bother me, doubt I'd even notice them. carmen sent me.

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  10. So happy to "see" some new faces here at Write About Now ... a very warm welcome to all of you, both those who are here for the first time, and also those of you who are old friends!

    Please come back often as I hope to be able to do a better job of staying current with my reviews/giveaways than I have been recently.

    Jan Marie

  11. i'm interested in reading this novel...thanks for the chance :)

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