Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Review: Digitalis by Ronie Kendig

Digitaliswritten by Ronie Kendig, is the second book in the Discarded Heroes series. Each book in the series revolves around a different character who has served time in the military, seen action in various conflicts around the globe, and returned home, worn out, damaged in some way, and unappreciated for the service that they have given for our country and its people.  Each of the discarded heroes are recruited to serve as members of a very secret black ops group named Nightshade.

In Digitalis, we read about Colton Neeley who is an ex-marine and has left his military career to raise his precocious four-year-old daughter, Mickey. As a result of the events that he has lived through in the military, Colton suffers from terrible flashbacks; flashbacks that are so severe that they sometimes interfere with his ability to function in life's daily routines.

A shopping trip brings Colton in contact with Piper, a beautiful young woman with secrets of her own.  Without giving away too much of the plot, I will just say that a romance begins to bloom between Colton and Piper until the day that both of their pasts collide with the present and they must either overcome the obstacles or go their separate ways.

My review:

Did you ever read books by an author whose writing immediately struck home with you and every word resonated and leaped off the pages to form a picture so vivid that the line of demarcation between fiction and reality became so thin that it was nearly nonexistent? This is the case with me and Ronie's books. Ronie Kendig is a writer with a phenomenal talent and ability to capture the reader's attention with the first sentence of her books and never let go until the final page is turned.

At the risk of sounding trite, I would add that the characters become real and are not mere cardboard cutouts. The reader can readily sympathize with their plight and feel the anguish  along with Colton and Piper as they confront many precarious and hazardous trials.  The author also very capably demonstrates that it is only through faith in God, trust in his omnipotent power, and love, both divine and human, that Colton and Piper are able to overcome their pasts and the obstacles that are thrown in their paths.

Digitalis is the first book that I have read by Ronie Kendig. However, I am currently reading book one of this series, Nightshade, and I am finding it to be every bit as mesmerizing and riveting as was Digitalis.  While it is not essential to read the books in this series in sequential order, I would recommend that you begin with book one simply because it lays the groundwork for the Nightshade organization and gives a better understanding of the group's function in subsequent books.  Ronie Kendig has earned her place at the top of my list of "must read" authors and I eagerly anticipate future books by this gifted and exceptional writer.

A copy of this book for review purposes was provided to me by Barbour Publishing.  I received no compensation for this review nor was I under any obligation to provide a favorable review.  All comments are my own true and unsolicited observations.

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